D R E A M O N – how to keep pushing yourself ♡

Half of achieving success is as simple as not giving up. Persistence. It is such a simple idea in theory. You want the best chance to achieve your dreams: just don’t give up. Easy, right? However, in practice it always seems a little bit more difficult. Life is not theory, and in life, there’s always … More D R E A M O N – how to keep pushing yourself ♡


  And…we’re back! It has been awhile (much too long) since I started this blog and made my first few posts . Life has been pretty hectic to say the least. So what have I been up to? Let me give you a quick overview. At a Glance… Over the summer I tipped my hat … More And…ACTION


This Friday night marked quite the transformation. I traded in my long curly brunette locks for a red straight haired bob.  (Well, at least for an hour I did.) Friday night at 9pm marked the first of three sketch comedy productions I will be in this year at USC. So what really went into this live … More It’s SHOW TIME!

We Started from the Bottom Now We…

Gear up and join along as I venture to a world where so many have dared to dream. Where fiction and reality intersect in the most beautiful of ways. A place where stories are the currency. Where the most creative of ideas and people converge to transport the rest of society to a land where the possibilities are endless. To the world of television and film. … More We Started from the Bottom Now We…